Getting Back In the Game

I sang in public last week for the first time in nine months. It went fine. If anything was wrong, it was psychological. It’s no easy thing to leave campus as a well-established singer and find yourself a nobody in the real world. At Wesleyan, I was in an a cappella group, a hip-hop band, a chamber choir, and I produced my own solo show a la senior recital style. In the bay, well, I got nothin’. Not that I don’t have options. There are several choirs around, as well as a cappella groups, but for some reason I have not taken the plunge on either endeavor.

I’ve realized how reliant I was upon my friends and musical community at Wes, and how easy it was to get involved in music. Plus, how much free time I had. In fact, sometimes when I reminisce I valorize my education in temporal terms. Talk about paying for freedom! All of you who hate schoolwork may dispute that angle, but this is my blog so you can go to hell. Just kidding

When you work a full time job, most nights you just want to come home and relax. So reality has set in, and I’ve found myself asking, what can I actually do alone, all by myself? Enter my parents’ old Kawai upright.

Like many children, I was subjected to the torture of piano lessons many years ago. Well, it wasn’t torture, but I never exactly found myself wanting to practice. Too many scales, finger exercises, and ancient compositions for my taste. But now the rules have changed. I can play what I want to play! Over the past couple months, I have been learning how to play r&b tunes like “Drown In My Own Tears,” “Ordinary People,” “Ribbon In the Sky”, etc. It’s been fun and I have improved drastically. Naturally, my goal is to learn songs that I could and would sing, as Ray Charles, John Legend, and Stevie Wonder have done. Sounds simple, right? Nooo

If you’ve never tried to sing and play at the same time, let me break the news to you: it’s friggin’ difficult! First, there is the problem of mastering both aspects separately, which is hard enough. But on top of that, trying to combine the two while perfectly syncing the rhythm…well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

I could go on but I’ll summarize: I’m on the lookout for a piano player…


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