A Day In The Life

There had been no day to day continuity on my trip until I came back from Ross’s Stockholm performance. I was always on the move, and consequently had a plethora of material to write about. Now that I’ve been settled for about a week, that has all changed. But even a relative “lull” provides me ample writing material. So, let me describe a typical day in the life of an American bum in Sweden.

8:40AM – I awake to the ringing sound of my fourth-hand Nokia serving as my de facto alarm clock. I mean, this “thing” must be from 2002. Does Nokia even make phones anymore? I hit snooze. Hey, it’s early. Why the hell should I get up yet? It’s not like I have a job.

8:50AM – I get up. I know, you thought I was a real rebel for a minute there. But I do need to start the day at some point. Or do I? We’ll return to that later…

8:55AM Bowl of oats and water goes into the microwave.

8:57:30AM I begin eating breakfast. With a glass of OJ in hand I boot up my beloved MacBook Pro and peruse a website triumvirate of paramount importance: Gmail, Twitter, and ESPN.com. I’ll usually have one email waiting, two on a good day. Yes, I’m that popular. Perhaps an intriguing tweet or two to read, probably not. ESPN, however, is where it gets exciting. See, the baseball season is culminating in dramatic fashion and my favorite team the St. Louis Cardinals are right in the hunt for the NL wildcard – only 1.5 games back of Atlanta. There’s also a thrilling race in the AL between Boston, Tampa Bay, and the Angels. If you calculate the odds of both St. Louis and the Angels making the playoffs, it’s… anyways, moving on.

9:25AM I brought an electric toothbrush with me, but the stupid device does not accept a 230V Scandinavian power outlet. So, I’ve been relegated – aka humiliated – to using it the old-fashioned way. Take a look.

Sonicare split in twain

9:30AM Leave the apartment and walk to practice.

10:05AM Arrive at Michael Hansen Kollegium. I stand outside the door until Gunilla sees me. She smiles as she rises from her desk to greet me. She must think I’m a real pain in the ass. You see, Sweden loves its security (or façade thereof – more on that later): in order to access the music room in the building’s basement, one must pass through three locked doors using two different keys to gain access. Without her assistance I’d have to pull some M:I crap just to tinker at an old piano. She ushers me inside graciously.

10:10AM Practice time. I listen to gospel, play some random chords, hit some high notes, and repeat. More or less.

1:30PM I leave Hansens and walk home for lunch. Sometimes I’ll stop at the grocery store if I’m feeling particularly ambitious.

2PM Lunch. This part’s boring.

3PM Investigate housing options in Stockholm. Whoever came up with the needle in a haystack metaphor never searched for an apartment in the Swedish capital. Good lord. I navigate to blocket.se, a Swedish craigslist, and message all the relevant postings. Which are few. Most places are either 12,000 SEK ($1800) or situated an hour outside of Stockholm. I don’t think I’m that desperate. Yet.

4PM Procrastinate. But since I’m mostly listening to music, it could be construed as being somewhat productive.

4:30PM Actual procrastination.

5PM Exercise time. I love basketball but Swedes don’t hoop much. I don’t have a tennis racket. No access to a swimming pool or weight room. I can’t believe it, I’m running? No, I swore an oath ages ago. I run. I can’t believe it, I kind of enjoy it.

5:40PM Take a shower. Scrub a dub dub.

6PM Timko wakes up, grudgingly starting his day. Timko is my soon-to-be replacement moonlighting as an unofficial house guest. He sleeps 16 hours a day and is nocturnal. I think he is part feline.

6:15PM I think about dinner.

6:45PM I thoroughly contemplate dinner.

7PM Dinner. Last night I cooked salmon. From Norway. Ooo. I pan-fried it in butter, so that the bottom skin was crispy brown and the fillet was perfectly tender. This is the life.

8:30PM Clean up. I am a master dishwasher, which will serve me well when I return to the US broke and unemployed.

9PM Blog. Provide viewers like you with mediocre entertainment at best. Just kidding (I hope).

10PM Does anyone really keep track of what they do after 10? I know what my housemates do: they play FIFA.


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