Music in Malmö

Sign at Paddy's

One can typically count on Saturday as the night to hear live music. Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to check out two bars in Malmö for this exact reason. A short stroll from the train station led me to Mattsson’s, a cozy pub with a live band already in action. The bar’s cover charge seemed a bit misguided in my opinion, although as a budget conscious traveler I suppose I’m slightly biased. As a bar, your goal should be to get as many people in the door as possible, not deter them. Come on, Mattsson’s, who do you think you are? You’re not an immaculate performance hall (I happily pay money to visit such places). Anyways, I stood outside listening for perhaps a minute or so, enough for me to decide the band was subpar.

Moving on, I headed to the second place on my list, Paddy’s, another bar with a similar but improved M.O. Paddy’s has no cover charge. The place was packed. Is that a coincidence? Was the band here that much more popular? Enough already, I need to calm down. Of course I’m all about the music, but it’s also interesting to absorb the overall environment at music shows. Paddy’s falls under the category of nicer-than-average bar; not ritzy but not a dive either. I think its demographically diverse crowd was at least what distinguished Paddy’s last night. Folks of all ages were in attendance. I counted at least a few grandparents, lots of middle agers, as well as a good deal of people younger than myself.

On stage was Swedish rock cover band Monotouch, Iggy Pop to AC/DC to Bon Jovi to Maroon 5. Not my typical fare in terms of genre, but I felt adventurous and stuck around to hear them out. Upon seeing the band as they stepped up to their mics, my immediate thought was “old Swedish rocker dudes.” I would be surprised if any of the bandmates were under forty, but nevertheless I have to admit they rocked out. The lead vocalist was very good, and showed impressive range. They hung around to play a second set, but I jetted out to see what else was going on. After asking at least ten people, I determined that there are no venues in Malmö of the r&b/soul variety. Back to the grind.


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