About a month ago, my gracious host Erik told me a story of how his friend snagged a last minute flight and hotel package to one of the Greek islands for dirt cheap through this website Ever since I’ve had my eye on the nifty site in case a real steal popped up. (It’s like Groupon Now for travel. Do we have this in the U.S.? We should.) Then the Istanbul venture materialized, and I figured that would be my last shindig before heading home. But as soon as it became clear the show possibility was nixed, I hopped online to see if I might be able to visit some lucrative locale during my last week abroad, somewhere I might not otherwise go.

After perusing all the options for at least an hour and a half, I narrowed it down to three potentials: Greece, Egypt, or the Canary Islands. I think Greece would have been more appealing had its price tag been significantly lower. Plus, everybody goes to Greece, so the cool factor sagged a bit. Egypt was tantalizing, except for the fact that right now is not such a good time to be in Cairo. I’m bold but not that bold. So I go for the Canary Islands. To be fair to the Canaries, I didn’t choose them solely by process of elimination; I took a liking to the idea immediately. The Islands are exotic, cheap, and, as an “autonomous community” of the Spanish empire, boast a native language I actually understand. It was a done deal.

Like Kayak, Sistaminuten only aggregates content, it does not sell vacation packages itself. The next thing I know, I’m redirected to a Danish travel agency’s website, Apollo, booking a ticket to Las Palmas. That’s the easy part. The package also includes accommodations, offering several arrangements from which to select. I pick the cheapest one, naturally, labeled “unspecified.” In other words, I’ll have a hotel room, I just won’t yet know at what hotel. Pausing for a minute as I stare at the screen, I hope that “unspecified” becomes specified in a relatively reasonable manner and click purchase. It’s Thursday night. The flight leaves Saturday morning. I thought it was leaving tomorrow morning. Shoot, that’s my version of “last minute.” My cool factor drops 6%.


One response to “Sistaminuten”

  1. Kate Mitchell says :

    Hope you’re having a blast! Soak it up and relax. Aloha from your family.

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