Jukebox Apps: Crowdsourcing Music Selection

In lieu of today’s Evolver.fm article, I decided to make a slide differentiating the major “jukebox” apps currently deployed. I don’t love Roqbot because it’s the costliest option, but their model makes some sense if they can distinguish themselves as a meaningful brand. Anthm and Spartify can be replicated within Rdio and Spotify, so they bring the least value to the table. Playmysong is nice as a completely free option on all ends, but assumes that venues and users own substantive music collections. Finally, the automation aspect of Crowdjuke is appealing, along with its Facebook utilization, but the app still requires Rdio Premium. It will be interesting to see this marketplace develop, although I’m skeptical of potential profitability.


3 responses to “Jukebox Apps: Crowdsourcing Music Selection”

  1. Roqbot says :

    Thanks for the mention. I believe we are the most expensive because we are the only one that covers all of the required business music licenses (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC). This an important part of supporting the music industry and also delivering a solution that works for large and small businesses (as opposed to private gatherings).

    Also, we continue to evolve our pricing and offer low cost, sponsored or limited plans as well as more expensive unlimited plans.

    Finally, we’d say that regardless of which solution businesses pick it is great to be a part of the movement to deliver a better out of home music experience.

    • stockholmsteve2011 says :

      Definitely, I appreciate your comments. I’m speaking as an observer, as I have not had the chance to truly see Roqbot or the other apps in action – most are relatively new and few venues are participating. If you could explain the “$75 for preferred player” cost, that would be appreciated. I don’t think your price point is a dealbreaker. I think Roqbot’s self-reliance (not depending on 3rd party APIs or Rdio/Spotify subscription plans) and identity as a simple, one-stop-shop for crowdsourcing music playback could ultimately succeed if people really embrace the brand. Maneuvering in this space will be an uphill battle because venue adoption will take time. Best of luck!

      • Roqbot says :

        We need to do a better job of explaining that on our website. The Roqbot service can run on your laptop, iOS device, Roku, GoogleTV or you can buy our preferred player. That devices offers advanced audio functionality as well as the robustness required to run the service for extensive periods of time, in hot environments, etc. We recommend it for businesses that view their music as a critical part of their experience (like The Gap). At $75 (discounted) we think it is a much better option than buying an iPod Touch, using an old computer, or a consumer grade solution. Also, we find that iPods often get stolen in businesses with staff turnover.

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