About Me

A soul singer, I recently graduated from one of those fine liberal arts institutions tucked away in the snowbanks of New England. I spent three adventurous months sojourning in Scandinavia during the fall of 2011, and now I’m back home in the Bay Area pursuing endeavors in music and music technology.


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. Charlie Cooper says :

    Hi Steve,

    I’m sorry you had to miss Gray’s wedding, but it sounds like you are enjoying yourself in Sweden.
    Good chops on the acoustic album. My stepson, Aaron is a mechanical engineer who travels to Los Alamos in NM regularly to work on the accelerator beam experiments. He smashes lazers into metals and tracks their properties. Three weeks ago we went to NASA in CLeveland and saw the new Moon Rover with it’s special tires made of shape memory alloys. Aaron’s PhD dissertation deals with some aspect of these metals. When we bent a hollow tube of titanium with nickle it gets hot in the middle. Then when it is straightened back out it is cold! This rapid change in temp. when used properly on these special metals will revolutionize transportation. Gasoline will be unneccesary.

    Enjoy your trip.


    Uncle Charlie

  2. Dave Cooper Sr. says :

    Hi, Steven: It will be great to have you here in early December. Kendall is making plans to spend time with you. We like your music that we have heard through this blog. Let’s talk about all that when you are here. Have a safe trip home. Love, Poppa

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